mIRC's built-in "Easter eggs"

Written by sphere

This article covers what are referred to as "easter eggs" or "cookies" in mIRC. An easter egg is a little hidden trick that has no purpose other than to entertain the user. Half the fun of cookies is finding them yourself. if you want to find then yourself, alot of them are found with right-clicking, and a few of them are in the mIRC About dialog.

Arnie: In the mIRC About dialog, type:

         A, R, N, I, and E. (spelling ARNIE) 

You will now see a cute stuffed animal replacing Khaled's face.

The squeak!: Open mIRC's About dialog. 

Place your mouse over Khaled's nose, and click. 

Make sure your speakers are turned up!

The bouncing ball: Open mIRC's About dialog. 

Right-click on some text, and look carefully.

Old school mIRC: Open mIRC's About dialog, and click on the mIRC icon.

In the older versions of mIRC, this was the logo.

Smile! :): Hold Shift and click on the About mIRC button on the toolbar. 

moo! script: Go into the help file, and do a full-text find. 

Search for the word 'example script'.

/background: We don't know if this ones a bug or an easter egg..

Type /background -gp in your active window. Now, go into your Status Window.

The results may vary, but you should be getting something like this:



Are there any more?!: Are there any more cookies? 

Keep an eye open, you never know when Khaled will add another one. 

Good luck in your easter egg hunting!

2000 ClanX Scripterz Organization