Title: "Editing What Others Say"

Author: Martyr2

Date: January 30, 2000

Written for [#clan-x-scripterz] http://clanxscripterz.cjb.net


	Haven't you ever wanted to edit the plain text others say to

you in the channels? Through the wonders of mIRC, they have made
that dream a reality with the creation of "Haltdef" and the event
"on TEXT." By combining these two, you are able to take what others
say, edit it, then show it onto your screen. And if I told you it
was only one line for a basic change, you probably wouldn't believe
me huh? Well its true. This article assumes you know the basics of
"on TEXT." I will gladly explain haltdef and its purposes in editing
text. First off, we need to first grab a copy of what people are
saying, then stopping what they are saying. We then "edit" the copy
we have and echo it to our screen. For those of you who don't know,
we can use haltdef to stop them saying anything on our screen and
allow our copy of what they said to be shown in its place. Haltdef is the shorthand for the term "Halt Default Text"
which is any text given as normal standards. The usual "<nick> I
said this " type of output. It is characterized by using a carrot
(^) just before the user level of the event and a haltdef command at
the end of the event block. Below is the command we will use and
below that, we will explain the parts of it in greater detail. on ^*:TEXT:*:#:{ echo $chan 12< $+ $nick $+ 12> $1- | haltdef } The above statement is placed in the remotes section, like all
events are. What this shows is that when text is spoken, to halt the
default version of the text from a channel (from being shown on the
screen), and to echo to that channel a blue <, then their nick,
another blue > and whatever they said (Represented as $1-). The Walkthrough: on ^*:TEXT:*:#:{ This is saying for whatever user level and for whatever is said on a
channel, to activate the following commands. echo $chan This is the command we are going to use... this echos to the channel our
edited text. 12< $+ $nick $+ 12> This is the section that combines color codes (ctrl+k) along with the
nick of the person who activated the on text event. $1- Represents the first word they said onwards till the end. | This is known as a pipe and used for joining our echo command with the
haltdef command. haltdef } This is the haltdef command that halts whatever they might have said and
uses our edited echo response in its place. It is closed off with
the closing brace of the on text event. Thats all there is to it. Very simple, straight forward, and not
too technical. There is much more complicated versions of this which
allows a user to replace words, add symbols as to if they are an op,
voice or a regular user and add color to what is said on screen. Now
remember that this command works for channel windows, not the other
windows. You will need to use a separate event for each of those so
that you can customize it how you like it and to prevent problems as
they arise. This one was for showing a basic understanding of the
concept. Conclusion: You first need to get what a person says and trap it using an on
text event. You then need to edit it within the event body, echo it
to your screen, and halt the default text that will come. Without
haltdef, you will see two versions of what is said on your screen,
giving you a repeat effect. Place the whole body into a remote file,
make sure it doesn't conflict with any other text events and enjoy
the new found color results you will notice in the channels you chat
in. http://clanxscripterz.cjb.net or join our channel #clan-x-scripterz .::(Martyr2)::. © 2000 Clan-X-Scripterz