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Posted by: RaVeN -- Date: 12-30-2006
Well, the screenshot section has been dead long enough. I bought the PS3 and the Wii, along with that LCD HDTV over the past few months. Complete with a fridge full of beer right beside the entertainment center, does man need anything else? Lol.

The other consoles should be obvious but from top to bottom: PS3, PS1, PS2, Nintendo Wii, N64, XBOX and an old school Sega Dreamcast. I plan to get the 360 later on however, as Gears of War looks good and of course I have to get Halo 3.

The shot was taken with a Nikon Coolpix S4 if anyone cares. And the image has probably lost some quality due to being resized and saved as a jpg. But oh well ya get the idea.

Posted by: Martyr2 -- Date: 12-30-2006
Wow, hardcore gamer I see. You know, I find on whole that gaming console equipment just doesn't look as sexy as computer equipment. Maybe it is the complex simplicity of computers these days (yes the oxymoron was intentional). Nice screenshot though and can see you will have hours and hours of enjoyment from all that.

Posted by: RaVeN -- Date: 12-30-2006
Ha ha, yeah PC's are great for gaming (if you can afford it) to the left is an Alienware rig. 3.9 ghz p4, 4 gb ram, 1tb hdd space, 5.1 surround sound system/sound blaster X-Fi platinum, Radeon X1900XTX. My digital cam bit the dust today, maybe I'll take a shot of my PC if/when I get another one.

Posted by: Piffi -- Date: 12-31-2006
oh, hey! can i buy the psp, and the nintendoes? :> Thanks :P

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