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Posted by: RaVeN -- Date: 4-6-2007
Figured I'd break the silence on here and post a screenshot of my desktop on my new laptop (gotta love income tax refunds). It's an HP notebook with a dual core Intel, and a 256mb Nvidia 7600 GO video card, and a 160gb sata hdd. The monitor is 17 inches (widescreen) and has 2gb of ram & a 2gb flash drive being used by Readyboost (a feature in Vista that can use a flash drive as extra RAM) and a built in webcam/mic. Also came with a tv tuner card and Windows Vista Home Premium, and a lightscribe dual layer dvd burner.

This little notebook can handle games like F.E.A.R. on decent (medium) settings and can run games such as Far Cry on max without breaking a sweat. Not to mention having HDMI output and built in wifi. For right at $1500, I gotta say it's an amazing machine in my opinion.

Comments etc welcome.

Posted by: Martyr2 -- Date: 4-22-2007
Pretty sleek man. I like the whole black and gray theme you have going there. I haven't been too impressed with vista yet, but hey, if you can get it and it does it for you, more power to you.

Posted by: NoFx -- Date: 6-2-2007
Very nice, excellent combination of colors :)

see you!

Posted by: Azriel1976 -- Date: 1-18-2009
Dude where did u get that sick looking desktop i like that

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